Cooking With Steviva

When you are cooking with stevia, there are a few things you should keep in mind. However, if you pay attention to these tips you will find that your recipes and foods will be consistently tasty each time you make them. You will also learn the perfect amount of stevia product to use along with adequate substitution for every recipe you use it in.

Measure and use in moderation- Keep in mind that all stevia brands may consist of a different sweetness, however most stevia natural sweeteners are 200-300 times sweeter than sugar and if used in abundance or not measured accordingly will present a bitter taste with the food rather than its sweeter flavor. Try to basically stick with tsp. of stevia to what would normally call for one full cup of table sugar. In addition, different brands of stevia such as Steviva have conversion tables on their sites to assist you in learning how much of their product you should use and substitute.

Do not use it exactly as you would sugar- Even though it is difficult to believe that is not sugar, because of its texture and flavor, you should not use it as you would use sugar. You can sweeten your foods and beverages and use it in your recipes however stevia does not caramelize the same as sugar, so just remember this.
Do not heat it to death- Stevia products are very good about not breaking down when heated, however there is a point where stevia can get so hot that it does break down and becomes unstable. Try not to bake stevia or foods that contain it over 400 degrees in Fahrenheit as they will eventually not taste as you desire when finished.

Yeast and Stevia- Yeast and stevia are not as compatible as sugar and yeast as yeast and sugar feed off each other. So do not use it to feed off your yeast in recipes and breads, It is just a notation, but should not hinder you from using stevia in other recipes and with other means.

Stevia is much healthier for you than table sugar, and it does add a unique taste to your recipes that can amount to being tastier than sugar without the calories and sugar content that can make you fat. In addition, Stevia natural sweetener is a great alternative to the synthetic and toxic sweeteners that are sold on the market today. In addition, if you follow a low glycemic diet or are a diabetic then stevia is definitely your perfect alternative