How to Design an Effective Poster Campaign For Kids’ Cooking Classes

More and more parents are starting to get their kids involved in cooking, because of the many benefits that kids can get from the activity. Cooking develops kids’ problem solving skills and motivates them to eat healthy. Engaging kids into cooking can be a tough job since kids are more enthusiastic with playing video games or watching television. But with the help of eye-catching posters, you can get kids interested to enroll in your cooking classes.

Posters are the ideal promotional tools to use for targeting children, because these print materials can be designed with vibrant colors and attractive images that kids love.

• Make it fun. Creativity is essential in creating a poster campaign directed at children, because this easily draws children’s attention. Let the kids know that cooking is a fun activity for them by using kid-friendly images. For instance, you can mimic a scene from a famous cartoon show for your cooking classes’ promotion so kids can easily relate to your message.

• Add a splash of color. Kids’ eyes lighten up whenever they see bright colors such as green, red and blue. Choose color combinations that will surely catch the kids’ attention and avoid colors that are too dark and gloomy.

• Choose readable fonts. Although kids would appreciate the use of weird fonts on posters, it would still be best to use fonts that are readable. Just play with the font’s color and size for a touch of creativity. Make sure that the text on your poster can be read even from a distance.

• Go for a reputable online printer. Seek the expertise of a reputable online printer to make your posters stand out. Their offset printing guarantees to exceed all your expectations. Take advantage of their wholesale printing service offered at a very reasonable price. Remember that choosing the right online printer is essential for you to come up with an effective poster campaign for your cooking classes.