Inspired Cooking – Put New Excitement Back Into Your Kitchen

Inspired cooking can be yours now! There are no exceptions. Everyone can enjoy preparing meals for themselves, family, and friends. You may say, “I hate cooking!”, but I say you just aren’t using the right ingredients. We all are blessed with different gifts. Yet this simple gesture of kindness can serve to bless others in a wonderful way. All you really need are four basic ingredients.

Before I give you the ingredients, let me share this with you. When I think about cooking I am reminded of the time when Jesus Christ prepared a meal for His disciples of bread and fish talked about in John 21:4-14.  Jesus said, “Come and dine.” They had in some ways, abandoned Him, yet His response was to bless them with a meal already prepared and waiting for them to eat. What a blessing that simple prepared meal must have been to His followers. It truly ministered to their spirits in a special way, meeting a most basic need. This act said volumes to them of His love and care–this is the example we can follow. 

Here are the ingredients: 

1) A desire to be a blessing

I truly believe most people want to find ways to bless those they share their lives with. Sometimes even in meeting a stranger, I have thanked them for some small insignificant thing they did, and it was very obvious how it made them feel. In this world where so much negative has been tossed about day in and and day out, we need ways to encourage and communicate love. Inspired cooking is the key!

2) Recipes that require minimal preparation time

Finding recipes that require minimal preparation time make cooking easy to accomplish even by the youngest novice or skeptic.  Things made very simple usually are the most delicious and the foods we want to fix again and again.  All of us are going a million miles an hour it seems.  Our time is extremely valuable. Just consider the difference between picking up fast food for your family, or creating true closeness through a memorable eating experience. Some great meals can be thrown together in minutes!

3) Short and easy to get shopping lists

Shopping lists need to be filled with family favorites, easy to find ingredients, and a short list. I have given up many times looking for something like rhubarb extract or fresh ginger root. Keep in mind the the attitudes of your tasting audience before you try to get too exotic.  Keep it simple.

4) Meals are a celebration of life

Life is a precious gift. In our culture we witness death all around us. The news glorifies death, violent video games are commonplace,and millions of babies are killed in the womb. Mealtime gives us a time to gain strength in our physical bodies, and we can use it to renew our minds as well. Use mealtime as a time to share good news, to speak blessings to one another, to listen to music, or teachings that build you up, not tear down.  

Great, so next time you plan a meal or dish, remember these principles and you will begin to see a major difference in your cooking. What a blessed thing to enjoy a meal together with those you hold dear!